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365™ Public Safety
#1 Cloud Platform for LEOs, Prosecutors, Corrections
365™ Public Safety
#1 Cloud Platform for LEOs
The complete CAD/RMS/JMS/Case Management system for modern Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice & First Responders that uses both Artificial Intelligence and common sense.
365Labs™ builds software and processes to modernize Public Safety, Criminal Justice and First Responders. 50+ integrated modules create an operating system for Law Enforcement agencies. The software tightly connects with Microsoft 365™ to bring advantages of the CLOUD. With rapid Implementation, Teams are empowered & Operations are streamlined.


Most Advanced Technology for LEOs

CASE 365™

Streamlined Case Management for DA/Prosecutors


Modernize Jail Operations & Improve Safety


Mobile & Apps for First Responders & Community


IoT Connected LPR, Bodycams, Dashcams, Drones & AVL

Every 365™ device works together with its apps & public safety platform to connect officers, agencies and communities in realtime, reducing work and delivering unparalleled results.
365™ software is architected for web-scale and built on a Cloud-native 5G-ready platform. It incorporates Artificial Intelligence, Sensors, IoT and advanced software principles. All modules are designed for a smooth user experience and are optimized for mobile, PCs , MDTs and even Virtual Reality devices. The intuitive interfaces are easy to learn. The apps are Secure, Cloud-Run and deployment-ready just like the apps on a phone.

365LABS +

Cloud or On-Prem. Always On, Always Secure
365Labs products are built for Microsoft AZURE CLOUD or to run on Server 365™, Microsoft Azure HyperConverged On-Premise Infrastructure for high scalability.


With over 18 years of experience working with law enforcement, the 365Labs team takes great pride in being the trusted technology partner of those who protect and serve.


Building safer communities is a shared responsibility. 365Labs is committed to supporting first responders and the communities they serve. Learn more →


We’re always looking for talented, energetic & innovative individuals to join the 365 team.
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365Labs brings the latest in public safety technology to help agencies meet changing demands and better serve citizens. Learn more →

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