3 Ways Data-Driven Management Fuels Fleet Safety & Efficiency

January 24, 2022
January 24, 2022/Innovation

3 Ways Data-Driven Management Fuels Fleet Safety & Efficiency


Managing a public safety fleet comes with high demands: Fleet managers must ensure the safety of units that are often driven in extreme conditions while minimizing unit downtime and staying within budget.
To meet these demands, agencies are leveraging the real-time data and automation tools provided by Fleet Management & AVL solutions.

Fleet managers are using these digital tools to:

  • Improve Public & Officer Safety with Realtime Unit Location: Effective Fleet Management Solutions with automatic vehicle location (AVLs) provide instant visibility of every unit, which helps to improve both public and officer safety. With access to real-time unit location, dispatchers can quicky identify and assign the closest available unit to an incident for faster response time. Route optimization automatically determines the quickest route for officers to reach the incident with point-to-point directions. Intelligent features like geofencing can improve situational awareness when responding to incidents by automatically alerting officers when their unit enters a hot zone.
  • Assist Units Remotely: With solutions like 365™ Fleet, fleet managers can remotely lock/unlock units or shut off stolen units. Agencies can also integrate their fleet with their CAD system so that lights & sirens auto-initiate based on CAD status.
  • Streamline Maintenance & Reduce Fleet Costs: A Frost & Sullivan study found agencies that maximize the potential of a fleet management solution can enhance vehicle utilization by up to 20%. Fleet management solutions with telematics utilize real-time diagnostic data on engine performance, tire pressure and oil status to detect issues before they become a safety hazard. Plus, proactive alerts for upcoming service & work progress simplify scheduling. With this real-time data and proactive maintenance, fleet managers are better able to control costs, reduce the likelihood of accidents, and eliminate unnecessary unit downtime.

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