4 Ways Agencies Can Leverage the Tech Trends Shaping Public Safety

March 22, 2022
March 22, 2022/Innovation

4 Ways Agencies Can Leverage the Tech Trends Shaping Public Safety


Just like technology has transformed how we accomplish tasks in our daily lives, it’s also transforming the way agencies and LEOs serve the public.

Now, as many agencies face both budgetary and personnel shortages, leaders are looking at how the latest tech can help officers and staff work more effectively and efficiently.

Here are four technologies agencies can take advantage of now:

  • Mobile Apps integrated with CAD/RMS to Improve Processes: Smartphones and handheld devices have become indispensable tools for first responders, helping to capture data and keep responders connected in real-time. As more agencies have outfitted LEOs with mobile devices, more of the systems officers use daily, like CAD and RMS, have mobile apps designed to work seamlessly on smartphones.
    These apps work in sync with desktop/laptop applications and share data in real-time. Using a phone’s built-in camera, the apps can scan IDs & VIN and quickly capture photo evidence. Voice recognition can be used to dictate notes & reports. Other app features like push alerts, geo-fencing, optimized driving routes, and built-in LPR can further streamline processes and improve officer safety.
  • Realtime Video Feeds inside CAD software: A real-time view of an incident and the surrounding area is one of the best resources LEOs can utilize when preparing a response strategy. Now, with modern CAD apps, officers can stream video feeds from agency drones, traffic/crime cameras, and other connected cameras directly on their MDT and smartphone. This real-time feed of information allows officers to analyze the situation and make evidence-based decisions to improve resource allocation, response times and outcomes.
  • Building Community-Police Relationships from within RMS: The need for law enforcement agencies to share information with their community without creating more work is the key. To continue building relationships of partnership and trust with citizens, agencies can leverage online portals and apps for the public that connect to RMS. Open data portals give citizens easy-to-understand information and statistics on the incidents happening in their community. Public Safety Apps designed for citizens give the public a way to anonymously share information – be it a picture, video or a tip – straight from their phone. Agencies can use the same app to share updates with citizens and communicate important safety alerts.
  • AI & Precision Policing: Among its many benefits, Artificial Intelligence is particularly useful for analyzing large datasets to quickly uncover patterns, trends, and exceptions. With the sheer amount of data that agencies must now handle, AI-based technology built into RMS can help agencies harness that data to drive proactive crime prevention strategies.
    AI-powered cameras and video analytics, for example, are being used to detect and reduce crime. Whereas manual video analysis of a single source can take hours, Artificial Intelligence can screen multiple camera feeds at once, automatically detecting any criminal or unusual activity and alerting human reviewers when it identifies such events. Similarly, agencies can use real-time analysis of RMS and CAD incident data to identify trends or sudden spikes in crime in a particular geographic area. Agencies can use these insights to inform resource allocation and develop strategies to address chronic offenders.

Each of these technologies can act as a force multiplier, helping agencies to streamline processes, improve data accuracy and accessibility, and even boost morale. Looking to implement solutions that can help your agency do the same? Contact us to speak with a 365Labs Public Safety Technology consultant.

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