Aim, Scan, Done™: 4 Ways Public Safety Can Use Image Recognition to Streamline Reporting & Investigations

September 6, 2022
September 6, 2022/Innovation

Aim, Scan, Done™: 4 Ways Public Safety Can Use Image Recognition to Streamline Reporting & Investigations


As the amount of photo and video data in public safety continues to grow exponentially, the right tools can help agencies fully leverage this data to improve processes. AI-based image recognition is one such tool. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, image recognition can identify, translate and make use of that picture in a fraction of a second. This can speed up paperwork, assist investigators and improve incident response. 

Agencies that use an integrated CAD, RMS and Evidence management platform rather than standalone evidence systems are already seeing the benefits of connected AI. Here’s how agencies are using the technology today: 

1. Auto-fill reports & citations with License Plate Recognition
LPR cameras have been used for years to detect stolen or wanted vehicles. Now, that same license plate recognition technology can be used to streamline processes for officers in the field. With mobile apps that have built-in LPR, like GISMO™ eCitation, officers can simply snap a photo of the license plate to run a lookup and automatically fill in the vehicle information on the citation. The phone LPR saves time and helps eliminate data entry errors.

2. Find evidence faster with object recognition
Searching through photos and other digital evidence can be time consuming if the evidence has not been properly tagged. With the help of AI-powered software, images and video are instantly searchable using keywords or phrases like ‘white truck’. Object recognition automatically searches the images and shows results that match the search criteria. This type of smart search is already being used to simplify Digital Evidence Management and note-taking for officers in the field.

3. Simplify redaction with Face & Object recognition
Redacting sensitive information and faces from video used to take hours for dedicated staff to go through footage frame by frame and pay extra for the software. Now, Digital Evidence Management Systems like 365Labs DEMS with AI have transformed redaction into a one-click process. Intelligent redaction auto-detects faces and other sensitive information in the video and obscures the selected faces/objects across every frame. The final redacted video is generated and ready to share in minutes.

4. Integrated RMS-Evidence reporting
With access to live Body camera and Dashcam feeds inside RMS, officers can recall details and write narratives that are more accurate. 

These are just a few examples of how agencies are using image recognition technology to improve processes. As Artificial Intelligence continues to improve, so will the use cases for public safety. 

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