Boost Staff Retention with a Modern JMS that Simplifies Paperwork

August 30, 2022
August 30, 2022/Innovation

Boost Staff Retention with a Modern JMS that Simplifies Paperwork


As corrections facilities work to address decreasing staff levels, technology has become the go-to force multiplier to help officers maintain safe, smooth operations. 

Agencies can simplify and automate tasks with the right Jail Management technology, allowing corrections staff to spend less time on paperwork and data entry. 

The result: streamlined operations, improved safety, and better staff retention. 

Here are a few features to look for when considering a jail management system for your facility: 

1. Easy to learn & use
Modern JMS is designed to be as easy to use as an app on a phone. Intuitive screens, color-coded intel and guided workflows help corrections staff complete tasks more quickly and accurately. Plus, a single system that can handle functions that used to require separate programs – like NCIC lookups, mugshots, and ID management – eliminates the need for staff to switch between different programs. This makes it possible to train new staff on the software in a matter of hours – not days or weeks! 

2. Connects with RMS
Much of the data required for a booking is already included in arrest reports – so why waste time entering that data twice? A connected Jail Management System can automatically sync arrest reports from RMS into JMS, giving corrections staff a head start on bookings. Charges and person details are auto-populated, and booking officers are alerted to any active warrants. A connected JMS also syncs information like mugshots and cleared warrants back to RMS, so both systems are kept up-to-date in real-time. 

3. Enables collaboration with Judges & Prosecutors
Secure, efficient collaboration across courts, prosecutors, and other law enforcement partners is a huge time-saver for all agencies. When considering JMS for your facility, look for a system that has built-in tools for judges to set bail amounts and hearing dates. Connected systems can also auto-send initial arrest reports to the DA/Prosecutors, transfer new charges, and directly import official charges, court dates and sentencing information. 

4. Mobile
Purpose-built mobile apps extend JMS to phones and handhelds to simplify workflows. Instead of handwritten logs and manual data entry, officers can use the app to quickly and accurately log activities, dictate notes and capture photos – with no typing required. Additional smart features like facial recognition and RFID can be used to ID inmates and automate cell checks and transfers. The mobile apps automatically sync with JMS, giving corrections staff access to accurate data in real time for better situational awareness.

5. Future ready
A major system like JMS should deliver long-term value. Platforms built with the latest technology, like Cloud and Artificial Intelligence, are better able to evolve with agencies and incorporate new technology as it becomes available – without increasing costs. To position your agency for the future, look for a software partner that invests in continuous innovation through new features that improve workflows and simplify tasks.

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