Clean Data = Better Patrols: 4 Ways to Streamline Reporting & Records Management

May 19, 2022
May 19, 2022/Innovation

Clean Data = Better Patrols: 4 Ways to Streamline Reporting & Records Management


Officers need better records: information that is accurate, up-to-date, and quickly accessible.

But years of manual incident reporting and disconnected systems have created data headaches for many agencies. Officers spend hours filling out the same information in different systems and often have to sort through duplicate records to find relevant info for a single case.

Solution: Reporting & Records Management that combines AI with Common Sense

Modern RMS platforms that leverage Artificial Intelligence and easy-to-use workflows have helped agencies reduce reporting time and maintain clean, accurate records with minimal effort.

Here are a few RMS features that have made the biggest impact: 

1. One-and-Done Data Entry
Information captured once should never have to be re-entered. With smart RMS workflows, officers can create reports, warrants, summons & more from a single record without having to type the same info again and again. The system automatically fills the information in the appropriate forms and reports.

Agencies should also look for Records systems that work with other programs like CAD, JMS, and Case Management. Real-time integration between programs allows entered data to be searchable and used across all modules, further reducing work and the potential for duplicate records.

2. Smart Validation
Besides disconnected systems and manual data entry errors, aliases and name changes are another cause of duplicate records. Systems can prevent this by automatically checking existing records for possible matches before a new record is created.

3. Mobile Ready
Smartphones and tablets can help officers in the field access intel, capture data and create accurate incident reports faster. With mobile RMS apps, officers can use their phone to lookup records and dictate reports with voice-to-text, which can be up to 10 times faster than typing. The phone’s camera can also be used to capture photos and scan license plates or Driver’s Licenses to auto-fill report information.

4. Anytime, anywhere accessibility with Offline Mode
There are many times when officers may be without a network connection (weather disasters, rural areas, etc.), but still need access to lookup information and create reports. Cloud-based Records Management systems with an ‘offline’ mode give officers the ability to work even when out of network range. Officers can search existing agency records and reports, and complete incident reports from their MDT. The system saves the report and automatically syncs when a network connection is available.

With the RMS capabilities mentioned above, Agencies can simplify reporting and reduce workloads for records staff while maintaining accurate, up-to-date intel.  
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