Cool New Gadgets for EBR Deputies Will ‘Transform Law Enforcement,’ Agency Says

February 26, 2019
February 26, 2019/News

Cool New Gadgets for EBR Deputies Will ‘Transform Law Enforcement,’ Agency Says


East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said he is equipping deputies with a revolutionary device which runs software that will save lives and solve crime. In an announcement today the Sheriff said deputies are being armed with devices that will transform law enforcement. The Gismo handheld device is equipped with a license plate reader, vehicle identification and driver’s license scanner and GPS tracking. It runs Sheriff 365 software that provides up-to-the-second notifications, access to numerous databases, live camera feeds, geographical maps and all record-keeping systems.

“I’m proud to be the first law enforcement agency to use this technology and be able to put it where it is needed most– in the hands of deputies on the streets,” Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said.  “Gismo is a handheld operations center. Having this technology makes our deputies more efficient and effective, better prepared and safer. It’s important to me to ensure they are best equipped to protect and serve the community.”

Sheriff 365 Software streamlines information from all available databases to one handheld device. It also integrates all record-keeping systems including Record Management System (RMS), Jail Management System (JMS), accident reports, arrest reports, warrants and evidence management. The Gismo device offers voice dictation, photo and video capture, location tagging and data carry over. Once information is entered it can be transferred to generate numerous reports.

“By streamlining our record keeping, we can reduce redundancy and human error. We can speed up the process and diminish deputies’ paper workload. This means we can spend less time reporting and more time protecting,” Sheriff Gautreaux said.

Sheriff 365 and the Gismo device is a product of Baton Rouge Company 365Labs. The local business has been developing and fine-tuning the technology for the past decade.

“Gismo is many systems rolled into one that is designed for easy use. It is intelligent software that brings information together in a single pane. This allows deputies to make critical decisions themselves while in the field without wasting time,” Mo Vij, Gismo inventor said. “By replacing or upgrading multiple technology systems, Gismo offers significant cost savings.”

While a Gismo device is $1,689 and 365 Software is $995, one License Plate reader would cost the Sheriff’s Office approximately $14,000 and a simple ticket writer $5,000. The device also replaces various other systems including NCIC Lookup, Field Interview, CAD and AVL integration and many others that requires additional fees for licensing and devices.

Currently, the East Baton Sheriff’s Office has five Gismo devices assigned to deputies in Uniform Patrol, Traffic and the Special Community Anti-Crime Team (SCAT). The Sheriff’s Office will issue Fifteen more Uniform Patrol deputies throughout the parish in coming weeks and plans to acquire more devices in the future. The 365 Software will also be available to run on iOS, Android and computer systems. It has virtual reality integration and biometric sensors.

“We are excited about what this means for the future,” Sheriff Gautreaux said. “We have plans to use the software’s shotspotter integration capabilities to setup for automatic drone deployment to shots fired. We can not only stream live video from any registered camera, but also from our aviation division’s thermal imaging devices. Knowledge is awareness; and awareness means safety- for our deputies and our community.”

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