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Public Safety News - February 2023

From automatically attaching evidence to reports, to automatic redaction, modern DEMS and connected bodycams save time for officers, investigators and records staff.
DEMS for Police Agencies

Public Safety News - January 2023

5 Reasons Why a Connected DEMS + RMS is the Future

Connected Digital Evidence Management is helping agencies do more without adding extra staff or resources. From faster reports to secure sharing with prosecutors, here are the top time-saving DEMS features.

Public Safety News - December 2022

Maximize your Manpower: 4 Ways to Leverage the Tech Shaping Public Safety

From AI based precision policing to purpose built mobile apps for LEOs, the new tech acts as a force multiplier to save time and maximize your agency’s resources. Here are the top 4 to take advantage of now.
Image Recognition in Public Safety

Public Safety News - November 2022

Aim, Scan, Done: 4 Ways to Streamline Reporting & Investigations with Image Recognition

Image recognition can speed up paperwork, auto-tag evidence and improve incident response. Agencies with integrated CAD, RMS and Evidence management are already seeing the benefits.


Public Safety News - October 2022

Connected LPRs: The tool for investigations & road safety

License Plate Readers that work as one with CAD & RMS are helping agencies not only recover stolen vehicles faster, but also reduce crime and traffic incidents.

Public Safety News - September 2022

Next-gen CAD simplifies 911 operations while providing real-time information like RapidSOS location data, NCIC lookups, and live video feeds.

Public Safety News - August 2022

From automatically attaching evidence to reports, to automatic redaction, modern DEMS and connected bodycams save time for officers, investigators and records staff.

Public Safety News - July 2022

From AI-powered validation to common sense workflows, these tools help agencies reduce reporting time and maintain clean, accurate records with minimal effort.

Public Safety News - June 2022

The most efficient agencies deploy these six tactics to balance increasing demands on public safety with staff and resource shortages.


Public Safety News - May 2022

The latest Public Safety tech simplifies processes to help overcome budgetary and personnel shortages. Here are the top 4 to take advantage of now.

Public Safety News - April 2022

From real-time crime data to streamlined FOIA requests, here are 3 ways agencies can use technology to foster transparency and community partnership.

Public Safety News - March 2022

In just one year since NIBRS became the official reporting standard, over 60% of agencies have successfully made the switch from UCR. Learn 4 simple steps that helped ease the transition.

Public Safety News - February 2022

As technology evolves for first responders, agencies are leveraging cutting-edge tech to pinpoint incident locations, improve intel and minimize response time.

Public Safety News - January 2022

A key component of building community partnerships is making the community feel part of the public safety process. With the right tools, agencies can enhance communication, build trust, and give citizens the opportunity to take a proactive role in their community’s safety.

Public Safety News - December 2021

How AI-powered LPRs can be used for investigations & road safety

License Plate Reader (LPR) technology has become an integral part of intelligent transportation systems with widespread applications in smart parking, traffic monitoring and law enforcement.

Public Safety News - November 2021

Requirements for Stop Data Collection: How to Prepare your Agency

For several states, data collection for traffic and pedestrian stops is becoming a routine requirement for LEOs, and it’s likely that data collection compliance will be expanding nationwide in the near future.

Public Safety News - October 2021

4 Reasons Agencies are Taking Traffic Tickets Digital

With the help of smart eCitation solutions, agencies are making traffic stops faster and safer for both LEOs and the public.

Public Safety News - September 2021

Best Practices for Keeping Data Secure & CJIS Compliant

Smartphones have become an indispensable tool for LEOs – from capturing incident photos to completing reports, the number of uses for smartphones keeps growing.

Public Safety News - August 2021

Reducing Crime with IoT & Video Analytics

Artificial Intelligence has created a unique opportunity to establish safer communities with agencies using AI-based technology to help reduce, prevent and respond to crimes.
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