Frontline August 2021

Vol 1051. August 2021

Reducing Crime with IoT & Video Analytics

Artificial Intelligence has created a unique opportunity to establish safer communities with agencies using AI-based technology to help reduce, prevent and respond to crimes.

Voice Recognition: Cut Reporting time in ½ with AI

Almost 40% of survey respondents said they spend a quarter of the day on paperwork pertaining to incident reporting rather than policing and protecting our communities.

The Clery Act: What Law Enforcement Officers Need to Know

Even if you’re not a campus cop, agencies with college campuses in or near their jurisdiction should be familiar with the requirements of the Clery Act.

Tech Tip: Organize Start with folders

On your Windows 10 laptop or PC start menu, drag one tile on top of another to make a folder, then drag more tiles into it. To open the folder, just select it.
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