Frontline December 2021

Vol 1055. December 2021

How AI-powered LPRs can be used for investigations & road safety

License Plate Reader (LPR) technology has become an integral part of intelligent transportation systems with widespread applications in smart parking, traffic monitoring and law enforcement.

Jail Management: 3 Ways to Boost Efficiency & Compliance with Tech

As the world is transforming digitally so are Jails, with over 25% of correctional facilities in the United States adopting technology as an important asset to move forward.

How law enforcement is preparing for a tech-savvy officer's generation

As experienced officers in many cities retire in record numbers, agencies are working hard to build the next generation of public safety, inspired by the values of its youngest recruits.

Tech Tip: Word and Outlook read to you

In Word, open a document and select Review > Read Aloud. In Outlook, select a message and click Home > Read Aloud.
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