Frontline February 2023

Vol 1069. February 2023
DEMS | Digital Evidence Management System for Police

AI-powered Body Cams: Smarter, Easier to use, & Connected to RMS

From automatically attaching evidence to reports, to automatic redaction, modern DEMS and connected bodycams save time for officers, investigators and records staff.

Always a Step Ahead: 4 CAD Essentials for Modern Emergency Response

Don’t settle for disconnected screens and clunky workflows. Next-gen CAD simplifies processes while providing video feeds and intel in real time.

3 Ways Data-Driven Management Fuels Fleet Safety & Enhances Efficiency

Agencies are leveraging real-time data and automation tools provided by advanced Fleet & AVL solutions to ensure the safety of each unit while minimizing unit downtime.

Windows Tip:
Balance Battery with PC Performance

Choose the power mode that works for you – getting the best battery life, best performance, or a balance between the two. To change power modes quickly, select the Battery icon on the taskbar, then drag the slider.

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