Frontline July 2022

Vol 1062. July 2022

Clean Data = Better Patrols: 4 Ways to Streamline Reporting & Records Management

From AI-powered validation to common sense workflows, these tools help agencies reduce reporting time and maintain clean, accurate records with minimal effort.

Preparing for the Future of Public Safety: Think Cloud

As leaders prepare their agencies to meet the growing demands on public safety, more agencies are leveraging Cloud technology to become more agile, proactive and efficient.

3 Key Tips for Developing a Peer Support Program

Peer support can be beneficial for public safety personnel who are often exposed to unique experiences. Here are 3 tips to consider when starting a peer support program.

Send Emails faster with Keyboard Shortcut

Press Ctrl+Shift+M to start a new email, and Ctrl+Enter to send it. Ctrl+Shift+R starts your reply, and Ctrl+Shift+F opens the message for forwarding.

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