Frontline March 2022

Vol 1058. March 2022
Records management System for Police

NIBRS Compliance: 4 RMS Features that Simplify Reporting

In just one year since NIBRS became the official reporting standard, over 60% of agencies have successfully made the switch from UCR. Learn 4 simple steps that helped ease the transition.

3 Ways Data-Driven Management Fuels Fleet Safety & Efficiency

The real-time data & automation tools provided by Fleet Management solutions are helping agencies minimize unit downtime, improve safety & reduce fleet costs.

Addressing the Cyber Storm: Make the Most of Modernization Funding

To strengthen cybersecurity, purpose-built, cloud-based solutions provide a better security model than legacy systems that have been retrofitted for the cloud.

Tech Tip: Send Emails faster with Keyboard Shortcuts

Press Ctrl+Shift+M to start a new email, and Ctrl+Enter to send it. Ctrl+Shift+R starts your reply, and Ctrl+Shift+F opens the message for forwarding.

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