Frontline November 2022

Vol 1066. November 2022

365Labs | Digital Evidence Management System

Aim, Scan, Done: 4 Ways to Streamline Reporting & Investigations with Image Recognition

Image recognition can speed up paperwork, auto-tag evidence and improve incident response. Agencies with integrated CAD, RMS and Evidence management are already seeing the benefits.
JMS for Corrections Facility

Modern Jail MGMT: How to Boost Staff Retention & Simplify Paperwork

As corrections facilities work to address decreasing staff levels, technology has become the go-to force multiplier to help officers maintain safe, smooth operations.
RMS for Police

4 Time-Saving Technologies Every Agency Can Leverage Now

The latest Public Safety tech simplifies processes to overcome budgetary and personnel shortages. Here are the top 4 to take advantage of now.

Send Emails faster with Keyboard Shortcuts in Outlook

Press Ctrl+Shift+M to start a new email, and Ctrl+Enter to send it.

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