Frontline October 2022

Vol 1065. October 2022

Connected LPRs: The tool for investigations & road safety

License Plate Readers that work as one with CAD & RMS are helping agencies not only recover stolen vehicles faster, but also reduce crime and traffic incidents.
Online Portal for Citizens

Three Ways Agencies Can Use Tech to Build Community Partnership

With the right technology, law enforcement agencies can build trust and give citizens the opportunity to take a proactive role in their community’s safety.

AI-Powered BodyCams: Easier to use & manage + Connected to RMS

From auto-attaching evidence to reports, to 1-click redaction, modern DEMS and connected bodycams save time for officers, investigators and records staff.

Tech Tip: Make your pointer easier to see

If you’re having trouble spotting your pointer on your screen, make it bigger or change the color. Select Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Mouse Pointer

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