Frontline November 2021

Vol 1054. November 2021

Requirements for Stop Data Collection: How to Prepare your Agency

For several states, data collection for traffic and pedestrian stops is becoming a routine requirement for LEOs, and it’s likely that data collection compliance will be expanding nationwide in the near future.

AR in Public Safety: An Advanced Eye for First Responders

As crime evolves and digitalization accelerates, AR is becoming a go-to solution for agencies looking to achieve more effective approaches towards emergency response.

How Can Agencies Use This Moment to Modernize?

With the help of American Rescue Plan, agencies can use a breakthrough in federal funding for cloud-based infrastructure and tools for hybrid work.

Tech Tip: Give your eyes a break

Combat eye strain with night light on Windows 10. Select Action center (bottom right of screen) > Night light to go easy on your eyes with warmer colors. Turn on Night light
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