Frontline October 2021

Vol 1053. October 2021

4 Reasons Agencies are Taking Traffic Tickets Digital

With the help of smart eCitation solutions, agencies are making traffic stops faster and safer for both LEOs and the public.

Drones in Public Safety are Enabling Faster, Safer Incident Response

While drone technology was a novelty just a few years ago, drones are now considered a necessity for public safety, with agencies leveraging drones to gather information.

Using AI to investigate digital narcotics supply chains

The narcotic supply chain is a familiar foe to drug investigation units. The structure runs from the manufacturer to the trafficker to the distributor till the end-user.

Tech Tip: Quickly change settings in action center

Open action center, then select a quick action to instantly change a setting or open an app. Or right-click and select Go to Settings or Edit Quick actions.
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