How AI-powered LPRs Can Be Used for Investigations & Road Safety

June 23, 2021
June 23, 2021/Innovation

How AI-powered LPRs Can Be Used for Investigations & Road Safety


License Plate Reader (LPR) technology has become an integral part of intelligent transportation systems with widespread applications in smart parking, traffic monitoring and law enforcement.

According to the National Institute of Justice, over 60% of the Law enforcement agencies in United States have adopted LPR technology. With this rapid adoption, LPR technology is also evolving to help agencies not only recover stolen vehicles faster, but also reduce crime and traffic incidents.

  • Onboard AI goes beyond Plate Recognition: Smart LPR systems, like 365 LPR, capture more than just license plates. On-board intelligence provides crucial data like vehicle make, model, color, dangerous goods (HAZMAT) signs, and speed in addition to the license plate information. AI helps to provide faster, more accurate results, and can even help identify damaged or partially obscured plates that can’t be read by traditional LPRs.The LPRs are capable of capturing data of speeding vehicles (up to 185 mph) and adapt to changing light and weather conditions to capture both reflective and non-reflective license plates at any time of day.
  • Real-time Alerts for Wanted Vehicles: With built-in wanted vehicle detection, LPRs automatically compare vehicles against the CJIS or agency specified hotlist. When a stolen or wanted vehicle is detected, the system automatically alerts agency personnel in real-time with the information needed to take action.Real-time alerts like these have helped agencies apprehend suspects in cases that are especially time-sensitive, like child abductions.
  • Improve Road Safety for Citizens: LPRs can automatically detect vehicles driving in the wrong direction and alert agencies to dispatch officers, helping to reduce accidents and traffic jams. Agencies can also use LPRs to identify hot zones for speeding.

While LPRs have been around since the 1980s, the latest generation of LPRs go well beyond simple license plate recognition. The power of artificial intelligence and video analytics allows agencies to leverage LPRs for investigation, crime prevention and road safety for citizens.

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