Reduce response times and arm first responders with critical intel with 365™ CAD, Realtime Command Center, and NCIC lookup.

365™ CAD

Computer Aided Dispatch
911   Call   Dispatch   Mobile

365™ CAD

Computer Aided Dispatch
911  Call  Dispatch   Mobile

CAD built for the next 20 years. Powered by AI and Common Sense.


From the call taker answering the call & selecting a response plan to the dispatcher automatically selecting the best units, to officers being alerted, 365™ CAD helps first responders reach those in need faster.


Fastest time between call initiation and officer response. Velocity’s patented technology minimizes the lag between first responders and those who need help. Velocity provides a 360° visual of the situation to call takers, dispatch and mobile units with camera feeds and intel available for the incident. The connected RealTime system can dispatch drones autonomously while supporting officers in real-time.

*Patent Pending Technology


Phase 1 & 2

365 CAD automatically determines the latitude + longitude of the incident & displays the incident on the CAD map. Caller name, address, city, and phone number are automatically added to CAD, minimizing the need for data entry.

Multi-Agency Response Plans

Operators can create multi-agency files & update multi-agency dispatches with a single click. 365 CAD automatically recommends the appropriate agency based on the incident type and location.

Built-in Rapid SOS

Life-saving data from devices & sensors are integrated and shared with first responders when an emergency call is placed or a connected device detects an emergency

PinPoint™ Location Finder

Get the precise geo-location even when there’s no defined address.

Multi-Agency File Creation

CAD automatically creates agency-specific file numbers for multiple agencies from a single incident.

Duplicate Call Merging

Operators can quickly view nearby incidents and merge new CAD calls with an existing incident

Built-in integration with
RapidSOS, Honeywell, Sirius Satellite

Life-saving data from devices & sensors are shared with first responders when an emergency call is placed or a connected device detects an emergency.

DYI devices alerts directly to CAD (Triaged)

Two way chat back with Alert Handlers

Accident Crash info directly to CAD

Extended data on residents/drivers where available

Faster Service to Citizens, Less False Alarms

Built-in Alerting From Rapidsos
Cars, Fire Alarms & Other IOT Devices

Life-saving data from devices & sensors are shared with first responders when an emergency call is placed or a connected device detects an emergency.

DYI devices alerts directly to CAD (Triaged)

Two way chat back with Alert Handlers

Accident Crash info directly to CAD

Extended data on residents/drivers where available

Faster Service to Citizens, Less False Alarms


Customizable Functions & Smart Screens

Dispatchers can program custom keys, and smart screens auto-adjust to maximize desktop real estate. Custom workflows or instructions can be programmed based on call types.

Multi-Agency Dispatch & Adjustments

Manage one agency or multiple agencies, disciplines and jurisdictions on a single integrated system. Agency-specific roles and configurations preserve agency autonomy within a shared CAD system.

Velocity™ PowerLine

Velocity™ PowerLine commands help dispatchers save time while managing multiple calls. Dispatchers can build custom PowerLine plans to complete an entire dispatch.

Citation Management | 911 CAD

xTend™ Your Team

Using the power of SmartPhones

Get a near-realtime view from citizens on the scene for unparalleled situational awareness.


with Text Notifications

  • Real-time location and status of emergency vehicles
  • Estimated time of arrival of emergency personnel
  • Safety tips for the caller and instruction on how to provide first aid
CAD | RTCC for Police

ESRI Layers, Microsoft Maps & Live Camera

  • Maps display the location of units & calls along with critical location intel from ESRI layers.
  • CAD Automatically recommends the closest available unit(s) based on the incident type.
  • Dispatchers can simply drag and drop a unit onto a call to dispatch the unit to the scene.
  • Plus, integrated live video feeds from multiple sources give real-time visibility.


Connect Multiple CAD systems with 2 Way integration

Robust two-way connection between emergency dispatch systems to increase situational awareness and provide timely access to critical emergency resources.

Emergency Dispatch Systems | LEO CAD Software
Built-in RMS & NCIC Integration
Access existing RMS and NCIC information without having to switch screens. CAD delivers critical background intel on location, vehicles and complainants directly to dispatch and response personnel.

CAD Mobile

Intelligent Routing

Save precious seconds with optimized routes and in-app navigation for responding units. Dispatch can view current & historic locations of units, route progress and ETA notifications.

Realtime Situational Awareness

Responders can quickly update call and unit status, view and add call notes from the field, keeping everyone informed for a better coordinated response.

Velocity™ Alerting

365 CAD’s Velocity™ system proactively readies officers for impending calls.

Self-Initiated Dispatch

Officers can dispatch themselves to nearby incidents or create new incidents with 1 click.

Enhanced Officer Safety

Proactive safety alerts, geofencing, BOLO notifications and location intel better prepare officers for what awaits on-scene.

Easier Reports

Officers can start a report from CAD with a single click. Reports are auto-filled with existing data from CAD – no need to re-type!

Station alerts

AI Powered smart 365 CAD auto-notify the fire station of incidents

Station alert

365™ CAD Station Alert automatically notifies fire stations and personnel of assigned incidents for faster response:

  • Station Alert board displays incident location & realtime details
  • Mobile app & text alerts keep on-duty responders informed no matter where they are
  • Configurable audio and visual alerts
  • Integrates with paging systems
Station Alert for Fire Station

Out-of-the-Box, Realtime Integration
with 3rd Party Software

Built-in 365™ NCIC & RMS integration enables direct NCIC lookups in CAD and transfers incident details directly from CAD to reports.


Integration with APCO, ProQA, Fire RMS, EMS & Open Data


FalseAlarm™ auto-creates incidents from residential & business security systems with location information and alarm history.


ShotSpotter, AVL, LPR & Camera tie-in provide real-time location intel for dispatchers and officers.

CAD with built-in RTCC & VMS

Realtime Intel from 100’s of Sensors


  • Built-in Realtime & VMS
  • Drone Feeds
  • Traffic & Crime Cameras
  • Residential and Business Cameras
  • Neighborhood LPR
  • AVLs, Sensors & AI Image Analysis


Fully functional iPhone and Android native app works as CAD mobile on phones. Receive video feeds, alerts & community tips.

  • Live CAD Incidents
  • ShotSpotter Activation
  • Optimized Routes
  • Location Intel
  • Active Warrant Alerts
  • Live Video Feeds

GISMO™ CAD Works on agency iOS or Android phones and GISMO™ Rugged Handhelds

GISMO CAD | CAD Mobile App

Disaster-Proof with Cloud

365™ CAD is built to function everywhere – even when nothing else does.
365™ systems are built on true hyperconverged Cloud to work securely and wirelessly without IT slow-downs.
  • No separate DR center needed!
  • Built on Microsoft Azure GovCLOUD
  • Built-in Geo redundancy and automatic failover


Insights into Your CAD Data with Power BI

  • Analyze data by zones and districts
  • Analyze calls by incident type
  • Find trends & heat maps
  • Use AI to plan shifts based on predictive data modeling
  • Self-service analytics
  • Direct connection to MS Excel
CAD Analytics Reports

Smart Tools, Strong Results.

Make confident decisions using up-to-the-minute analytics

100’s of Data Visualizations


Built-in AI Capabilities


Pre-built & custom Data Connectors


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