Mo Vij’s 365Labs is Using Tech to Improve Police Operations, Transparency

July 21, 2021
July 21, 2021/News

Mo Vij’s 365Labs is Using Tech to Improve Police Operations, Transparency


Mohit “Mo” Vij wants to change the way the public interacts with local law enforcement, and is using the software company he founded this year to do it.

After examining law enforcement agency processes that had not been altered in decades, Vij began exploring ways to make the departments more accessible. While brainstorming ideas to bring law enforcement up to date, he and his team watched movies like Minority Report to see how people envision public safety working in the future.

“Someone’s going to do this,” Vij said. “Why not us?”

Since opening, 365Labs has revamped law enforcement computer systems, updated software and changed processes within about a dozen agencies across the country. These processes include how police process records, how courts handle warrants, how law enforcement issues tickets and how people pay them.

The new software will transform agencies, Vij says, and allow those facing budget constraints to do a lot more with less. However, the most important factor, Vij says, is the cooperation the new software will create between law enforcement and communities as well as the transparency it will provide.

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