Modern CAD: Leveraging Real-time Data for Effective Incident Response

November 27, 2021
November 27, 2021/Innovation

Modern CAD: Leveraging Real-time Data for Effective Incident Response


Minimizing response time is top priority for 911 call-takers, dispatchers and first responders. As technology evolves for both first responders and the citizens they serve, agencies are leveraging cutting-edge tech and the data it provides to improve incident response strategies and outcomes.

Here are a few ways the latest CAD technology is helping agencies improve response times and better prepare responders for what awaits on-scene:

  • Next Gen 911: Determining the location of an emergency is the most important and sometimes the most challenging part of a 911 call. 365™ CAD streamlines this process by automatically displaying the location of the call on the CAD map with the caller details and available location intel. For instances where there’s no defined address, 911 operators can utilize the PinPoint™ Location Finder to get a precise geo-location by sending a message to the caller’s mobile phone. 365™ CAD also provides built-in Rapid SOS integration, which shares life-saving data from connected devices & sensors with first responders. The CAD map gives dispatchers a real-time view of responder and vehicle location and automatically recommends the most appropriate unit based on type and location of the incident.
  • Improved Incident Intel: Realtime access to intel on an incident location and the persons involved helps dispatchers & responders make informed decisions that lead to safer outcomes for the citizens and responders on-scene. With built-in NCIC lookups, 365™ CAD delivers background intel like warrants and incident history directly to dispatch and response personnel without having to switch screens. Integrated video feeds from traffic and crime cameras can provide a live view of the area. Call-takers, dispatchers and responders can quickly view and add notes to a call, keeping everyone informed for a better coordinated response.
  • Real-time Situational Awareness: Connected devices, like cameras, AVLs and LPRs, give agencies more data that can be leveraged to improve incident response. 365™ RealTime works with CAD to provide real-time intel from multiple sources – like crime cameras, ShotSpotter sensors, community tips and drone feeds – all on a single screen. Dispatchers, analysts and first responders can view Realtime™ from PCs, laptops/MDTs and even mobile devices, giving personnel a 360° view of an incident no matter where they are.

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