Modern Jail Management: 3 Ways to Boost Efficiency & Compliance

July 19, 2021
July 19, 2021/Innovation

Modern Jail Management: 3 Ways to Boost Efficiency & Compliance


As the world is transforming digitally so are Jails, with over 25% of correctional facilities in the United States adopting technology as an important asset to move forward.

With the help of technology built for modern jail management, facilities are able to streamline time-consuming manual processes and improve safety & compliance.  Digital tools also make it easier for jails to keep up with reporting requirements and increasing demands for transparency.

Here are few areas to consider when evaluating tools to streamline day-to-day jail operations:

  • Leverage mobile for better event logs: Instead of writing down observations on paper logs, mobile devices make it easy for officers to digitally log observations while on the go. Mobile devices and apps purpose-built for corrections officers, like GISMO™ Sentry, allow for quicker logging at the point of contact; officers can even attach photos or dictate notes with voice-to-text. When paired with RFID bracelets, cards or hard tags, mobile devices allow officers to accurately log perimeter checks, headcounts, inmate transfers and more with a single tap.
  • Real-time access to intel: Digital logs captured with mobile devices will lead to more descriptive event logs and inmate data. This intel should be accessible to other officers in real-time. For this to happen, jails need an integrated mobile solution that works seamlessly with their jail management system. Intel captured with GISMO™ Sentry on mobile devices, for example, immediately syncs with 365™ JMS so that other officers and staff have real-time access to the same data whether they’re using a mobile device or PC.
  • Analytics for better decision making: With improved data from digital logs and real-time access to intel, the next step is leveraging that data to uncover patterns and insights. Visual dashboards like those in 365™ JMS show real-time statistics like population breakdown, pending tasks and more. These dashboards and reports can be customized to a particular department or individual to help improve workflows and meet compliance goals.

For corrections facilities looking improve efficiency, technology that integrates mobile apps can simplify tasks and provide real-time access to more accurate and detailed data. The 365™ Jail Management platform works across devices to streamline operations from booking to release. Click here to learn more about 365™ JMS.

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