Recruit & Retain the Best: How Connected Public Safety Tech Can Help

May 2, 2023
May 2, 2023/Innovation

Recruit & Retain the Best: How Connected Public Safety Tech Can Help


The effects of the so-called ‘Great Resignation’ have hit nearly every industry – Public Safety included. Agencies are seeing record-high retirement and resignation rates and a shrinking number of applicants to fill open positions.

To address the resulting staffing shortages, agencies need a strategy that will attract new recruits, improve officer retention, and streamline workloads. One of the most effective ways agencies have been able to accomplish this is by providing officers with better tools and resources to do their job.

Here are three strategies your agency can use to boost morale, improve productivity and reduce turnover rates.

1. Attract new recruits with the technology they expect

Examining outdated technology and inefficient processes is an important first step to attracting the incoming workforce. The latest generation of recruits are ‘digital natives’ who expect the technology they use in their job to be as effective and easy-to-use as the tech they use in their everyday lives.

Systems that use Artificial Intelligence, like image recognition, to simplify work and enable officers to use their smartphones to complete reports will give your agency a leg up with potential recruits.

2. Improve officer retention and boost morale

In the same way new recruits appreciate agencies that use modern technology, veteran officers and staff report higher levels of job satisfaction when equipped with tools that make their job easier and safer. Technology that eliminates paperwork, like eCitation systems, or body cameras that automatically connect evidence with reports are two examples that have been great for officer morale.

To retain the best talent, agencies can also look for systems that incorporate performance benchmarks and feedback from supervisors to encourage officers by recognizing their accomplishments and promote them based on their performance.

3. Leverage technology to accomplish more while reducing officer burnout

Even for agencies who improve recruitment and retention, staffing numbers may not return to the levels they were three years ago – and that’s okay. Technology can help reduce workload and allocate personnel where they’re most needed.

For example, agencies that use a connected system for CAD, RMS, Evidence, etc., have seen a seen a 25-40% reduction in workload, which has reduced stress and burnout among officers and staff. Reports that used to take hours now take 15 minutes, data is more accurate, and there is no need for repetitive data entry.

Agency leadership can also benefit from connected systems by using real-time analytics and dashboards to make data-driven decisions on shift planning and staff utilization. By reducing administrative burden, officers can focus and perform better when serving citizens, strengthening law enforcement-community partnership.

As technology continues to evolve, it will be increasingly important for agencies to adopt solutions that help them stay competitive in attracting and retaining the best talent.

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