Time to switch: New AI Powered Digital Evidence Management is Easier to Use, Easier to Manage and Connected to RMS

June 17, 2022
June 17, 2022/Innovation

Time to switch: New AI Powered Digital Evidence Management is Easier to Use, Easier to Manage and Connected to RMS


With AI, its easier to manage digital evidence – from bodycams, in-car video and other connected cameras. Agencies that are going beyond the old brands and adopting modern systems are reaping benefits through ease of use and efficient management without new hires and wasted hours. 

Modern Digital Evidence Management system (DEMS) has evolved. It not only helps agencies properly handle and store evidence, it can save time for officers, investigators and records staff. 

Here are a few ways agencies can leverage intelligent DEMS and connected BWCs & dashcams: 

1. Capture critical moments with smart recording triggers
When officers are engaged in an exchange, shifting their attention to manually start a video recording is not always practical or safe. The new body-worn cameras have built-in sensors that allow officers to maintain focus on the situation while automatically capturing video footage. Voice detection of certain words or phrases can start the recording without officers having to press any buttons on the device. Other events like a gun being released from its holster, foot pursuit or gunshot detection can automatically trigger the camera to begin recording. BWCs can even be configured to capture up to two minutes of pre-event recording so that the moments leading up to the event are not missed.

2. Automatically connect video evidence with reports & cases
Digital evidence that works as one with Records Management (RMS) and Case Management saves officers time and helps build stronger reports. With just a few clicks, officers can review the relevant BWC footage and auto attach it to their report, all from within RMS. Cases, reports and evidence stay in sync – there’s no need to go through multiple programs or enter case information twice!

3. Find the scene you need faster
Going through hours of footage to find the 2-minute clip you need to review is tedious, time-consuming and totally unnecessary. With smart BodyCams, officers can quickly flag a specific moment with a single tap on their bodycam. When reviewing the footage, officers can jump to the exact points in the video that were bookmarked.

4. Protect sensitive information and save time with Automatic Redaction
Manually blurring personally identifiable information like faces and license plates from video evidence used to require significant time and resources. Now, thanks to AI-powered redaction in Digital Evidence systems, agency staff can redact an entire video with a couple of clicks. The system automatically detects faces and other PII and obscures them in every frame of the video. This level of effortless redaction is helping agencies respond to FOIA requests faster while streamlining work for records personnel.

5. Maintain evidence integrity and security
To ensure Digital Evidence can stand up in court, it must be kept secure from the moment it’s captured. Solutions like 365™ BodyCams and In-Car Video deploy military-grade encryption on cameras and in the cloud where video is stored. Security roles ensure that only authorized personnel can access footage. Full audit logs track every interaction with a piece of evidence, giving agencies a complete chain of custody reports and confidence that recordings are secure and non-repudiable.

With the help of intelligent digital evidence tools, agencies are able to streamline investigations and simplify evidence management.

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